SAXM – New Vacuum Suction Pads for Handling Sheet Metal at High Speeds


Schmalz will provide solutions with a new range of especially adaptable suction pads for extremely dynamic handling of sheet metal and car body parts from mid 2011.

High-speed sheet metal handling: SAXM suction pads with increased stroke and maximized absorption of holding and lateral forces

Whether in the pressing plant or as part of bodyshell work – automation processes in the automobile industry are becoming more and more complex: Quicker cycles, higher output quantities and a wide range of workpiece outlines require flexible solutions in the area of handling and supply. Vacuum technology specialist Schmalz will provide these solutions with a new range of especially adaptable suction pads for extremely dynamic handling of sheet metal and car body parts from mid 2011.

To optimize the handling performance of automotive sheet metal parts, vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH is complementing its product range with the SAXM series of suction pads.

Compared to the existing range of flat suction pads, the high-speed SAXM suction pads, which will be available from mid 2011, have a considerably increased suction pad stroke that allows the suction pads to adjust optimally to contoured workpieces.

Furthermore, the suction pad geometry offers all the advantages that are required for the highly dynamic handling of parts: minimal suction times, high intrinsic stability while suction is applied and the absorption of extreme holding and lateral forces, even with oiled surfaces. The use of a cutting-edge and innovative material makes the suction pads extremely resistant to wear, even when subjected to extreme environmental conditions such as ozone or aggressive drawing oils.

SAXM vacuum suction pads will be available in sizes with diameters from 30 mm through 115 mm. With various connections (female thread, male thread, quick connectors), they can be adapted easily to all common tooling systems. The modular design of the suction pads minimizes purchase costs and make it possible to quickly replace damaged components. Schmalz accommodates the demand for environmentally friendly products by producing them in such a way that the materials of the individual components can be easily separated, 100% correctly sorted and recycled.

Altogether, the details of the design provide for an optimized material flow of sheet metal and car body parts in press lines and robot systems – and make the SAXM suction pads the performance specialists when it comes to handling sheet metal at high speeds.


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