Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ

With the vacuum layer gripper SPZ, entire product layers can be palletized and depalletized. This universal gripper is appropriate for handling of intermediate layers, pallets, crates, carton boxes, foil packages, and much more.

The system is used in modern distribution centers, as well as during production in packaging stations. Loading and unloading of partially filled pallets occurs through a combination of vacuum technology and mechanical gripper support.

The vacuum gripper system is appropriate for different product layer sizes and layer patterns. This achieves rational palletizing and depalletizing of entire product layers, thereby minimizing the cycle time. The suction area consists of flexible specialized foam, or alternatively of individual suction pads. This allows for perfect adjustment to the workpiece's structure. A gripper change is therefore not necessary, even for heterogeneous workpieces. With the valve technology unused suction cells are turned off, so that even for partially loaded pallets no gripper change is necessary.

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ

With the modular blocked area gripper, the vacuum layer gripper SPZ is the standard version that can handle entire pallet layers.

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ-M

Workpieces which, because of their surface, can only be aspired with difficulty, can be handled with the vacuum layer gripper SPZ-M. Mechanical clamping here ensures the necessary additional force and stability.

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ-M-C

With the patented curtain concept, a global vacuum suction chamber is additionally created. Together with mechanical clamping, the vacuum layer gripper SPZ-M-C can also handle products which so far could only be transported manually or much more cumbersomely.

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ-M-Cool

The vacuum layer gripper SPZ-M-Cool was designed especially for use in freezer sectors down to -28°C.

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