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Product News: Power – when you need it: The new basic ejector SBPL

Basic ejector SBPL

Our Solution for Quick and Safe Handling of Challenging Workpieces

The new basic ejector SBPL is the strongest product of our ejector range. This vacuum generator has been designed for maximum efficiency. This way the SBPL can unfold its performance more effectively and more powerful – right when you need it. When operating between -200 and -600 mbar the SBPL´s suction rate is almost twice that of its predecessor. This cuts evacuation times and thus minimizes cycle times. Additionaly our engineers have put their focus on weight reduction, resulting in a decrease of up to 50%. Innovative product design makes maintenance considerably easier. Eco nozzle technology makes the SBPL more versatile in application, which creates more freedom in system design.

Products and Solutions

Solutions for automated processes

Suction pads, special grippers, vacuum generators and switches are the vacuum component products which Schmalz offers for automated processes. To fit the requirements of the customer perfectly, the wide range of vacuum systems from Schmalz can be assembled.
The vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz completes the range of individual vacuum components. Configured and planned by Schmalz, the gripping systems in the form of large-area gripping systems, layer gripping systems and vacuum spiders have a modular construction. The company’s extensive knowledge is what the customers profit from. Used in robotic applications, the complete systems are ready for connection and provide for maximum flexibility.

Solutions for manual handling

Production processes are simplified by vacuum handling systems that are operated manually, through easy and efficient handling of workpieces. Due to the load-bearing devices, the operator does not have to lift the heavy workpieces and can work ergonomically and without endangering the operators’ health. Especially for quick lifting tasks the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is suitable. Loads with a weight of several tons can be lifted safely and reliably with the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. Completed with crane systems and slewing cranes, the handling systems are easy to move. Aluminum crane rails and the ability to cover large work areas make the cranes and slewing cranes the perfect partner for the lifting aids.

Clamping solutions

Short set-up times and efficient all-round machining of workpieces, this is what the Vacuum clamping systems for CNC machining centers from Schmalz enabe. Either the CNC machining centers are equipped for the first time or existing machines are being updated, Schmalz offers suitable clamping solutions. For precision clamping technology for metal and plastic processingthe matrix plate is the ideal solution. With the matrix plate flat workpieces can be clamped precisely and in a process-safe manner. With the Multi-Clamp series, Schmalz offers a clamping solution for manual machining tasks. With special suction cups, smaller and medium-sized workpieces can be processed on five sides without causing any damage. The clamping solutions are attached directly to the workbench or the machining table.

Sales network

Employee of the customer center

We maintain a worldwide sales network for you. Our system consultants will work together with you to design the vacuum system that suits you. Whether you are looking for a vacuum solution for automation technology, handling technology or clamping technology, Schmalz is the right partner. Our sales network, with local field representatives, international overseas subsidiaries and trade partners, guarantees our customers quick and competent information and advice.


Schmalz Media Center

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex

You will find application videos of our vacuum solutions for automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology in the Schmalz media library. Watch how tube lifters and lifting devices can be deployed for handling tasks in practice, how gripping systems and vacuum components create the link to the workpiece in entirely different robotic applications and how clamping technology is modernizing CNC machining centers.


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